The sound of Om is often used at the beginning and end yoga sessions.


Annette Field, the yoga facilitator at Yoga Aspirations, respectfully encourages each participant to harmonize their body, mind and emotions. Annette uses a holistic system of yoga that integrates asanas (postures), pranayama (breathing techniques) and meditation (such as the meditation practices on the Resources page).

About the Yoga Facilitator - Annette Field

Annette, as a yoga facilitator, gently guides participants through yoga practices. She uses invitational language that encourages them to connect with their body, breath and mind, and to deepen their own experience rather than compare themselves to others.

Where it is useful, Annette demonstrates and accompanies participants in practices. Between postures, or short flow sequences such as sun salutations, Annette provides a little time to attend to sensations, feelings and thoughts.

As a yoga facilitator, Annette does not do physical assists. Rather, she provides suggestions to participants on how to develop and deepen their practice of yoga in a way that is most suitable for them.

For Annette, yoga is a journey, and Annette draws on the many benefits yoga offers. As a social worker, anthropologist and aid worker, Annette has empowered people from diverse walks of life. Now through yoga she assists people to build on their strengths to face life’s challenges. Drawing on her experience, Annette pays close attention to each individual’s particular needs.

Through a wide range of training and practice, Annette has developed her knowledge, skills and qualifications as a yoga facilitator. Annette has a Diploma of Yoga Studies (SYA), which included a four months Yogic Studies Course at Bihar Yoga Bharati, Munger, India. She has completed the Yoga Anatomy: Principles course with Leslie Kaminoff, undertaken Yoga for Mood Management: LifeForce Yoga Practitioner Training (Module A and Module B) with Amy Weintraub, done courses with Jennifer Raye on Mindful Yin Yoga and Chinese Medicine for Yoga Teachers, done a course with Kristine Weber on the Science of Slow, and done a Yoga as Medicine workshop with Dr Timothy McCall.

Annette has studied trauma sensitive yoga with Bessel van der Kolk MD and with Trauma Sensitive Yoga Australia, and has completed a six month Trauma Center Trauma-Sensitive Yoga (TCTSY) Certification Program with the Centre for Trauma and Embodiment at the Justice Resource Institute (JRI) in Boston.

Annette is an experienced facilitator of yoga for people with post-traumatic stress. She has long experience with people affected by trauma. Annette holds a PhD in anthropology, for which she researched suffering and rituals for healing in Timor-Leste (East Timor). She also has a Bachelor of Social Work and a Bachelor of Arts (psychology and anthropology, with an honours year in anthropology).

Annette is a Registered Level 2 Teacher with Yoga Australia (Membership Number 3840) and adheres to the Yoga Australia Code of Professional Conduct.

Participant Comments About the Classes Led by the Yoga Facilitator, Annette

"I am a lapsed yoga devotee and have returned to Annette's yoga class recently. I look forward to coming along and I love that Annette is aware of my issues and designs the class around things that will help me (and everyone else in the class). The location is undercover and outdoors and it is balmy and this really adds to the enjoyment. Annette offers a true yoga experience to her students with no pretensions. She is truly supportive and generously gives her time and considerable skill without judgement. Love this class!"  (Annie G.)

“I began doing Annette’s yoga classes following a major unexpected health event. This decision has turned out to be a significant factor in my healing. Annette is very thorough in her attempts to understand my condition so exercises can be modified for safe completion.  She creates a space that is calm, welcoming, orderly without being uptight, as challenging as you wish it to be, cooperative, and non-competitive or comparative. As well as the physicality of the yoga exercises, I have become so much more self-aware about my habits of body and mind that may have contributed to my health condition. The whole experience has being truly transformative. I thank Annette for her knowledge and style.”  (Sharon I.)

“I have now completed two of the 5 week sessions with Annette and have found the classes and the way they are delivered thoroughly enjoyable. The benefits to physical and mental wellbeing are amazing and I am experiencing the positive effects of yoga in my everyday life. I am looking forward to continuing my journey with the next sessions.”  (Liza B.)

“Namaste Annette, I felt the need to thank you. You were aware that I had not attempted yoga before and was not at all flexible or relaxed. However with your expert knowledge of yoga, body anatomy and weakness with injuries and how to work around it all, I'm a convert. Now onto my 3rd term. A mix of very calming people and the location (being outside) creates a fabulous ambience. ABSOLUTELY sold on the chanting as well ... what a bonus. Thank you again. One can see how passionate you are about teaching your craft.  Thank you truly.”  (Cristine L.)

“I have been enjoying Annette's classes for over two years now. She is a wonderful instructor with a great passion and patience for teaching yoga. Her classes helped me to build muscle strength and flexibility and to develop an awareness of my body and breathing." (Irina)

"I've found Annette's yoga classes to be gentle and healing and appreciate her reminders for us to be mindful of our well being. Annette's encouragement and attention to our safety is commended. I always look forward to attending Annette's yoga class." (Lian)

"The programme ... had a clever mix of repetition and new, and the exercises were always complementary to the spiritual aspects. Calmly paced and well-connected sequences of movement were genuinely balancing the body and the breath and the mind in the gentlest of ways." (Vicky)

“I have been taking yoga classes with Annette at Wylies for the past year and I must say I look forward to Wednesday mornings. I hate it when something comes up that stops me going to yoga. Annette makes everyone welcome, even newcomers. She takes note and remembers past injuries which might limit some positions and suggests alternatives. I love her philosophy, calmness and approach. Anyone wishing to try yoga for the first time would do well going to Annette’s yoga classes. I hope that I can continue for many years to come.” (Liz)

“As a newcomer to yoga, Annette's early bird class is a wonderful introduction to its practices. Annette's clear instruction in breathing and meditative technique perfectly grounds my day.” (Kate)

“Yoga at Wylies - the most wonderful way to start the day. Annette's classes are always thoughtfully put together, catering for all levels of yoga experience. Nothing beats starting the day focusing on some time to care for yourself by the ocean.” (Dani)

“Annette's yoga classes at Wylies, where I breathe in the invigorating air and stretch out to the horizon, is a special shared experience. Sharing her practice which is grounded in an intelligent and compassionate understanding of the mind and body, Annette’s teaching guides me into a deeper understanding of the benefits of both poses and breathing practice. I feel shifts in mind and body throughout the class.” (Virginia)

“I find Annette to be a very encouraging and supportive teacher who strives to make every session individual to all participants. Her clear instructions are easy to follow and help is always available. Every session is a renewing experience.” (Rae)

“I climbed Mt Kosciusko on Saturday.  It was both a beautiful but arduous experience.  The next day, I had no physical sense or reminders of the event (not even muscle stiffness) – it was as if I had done nothing of significance at all.  A few days later, I did one of Annette’s yoga classes.  It was a calming and gentle experience.  The next day, I felt stronger, calmer and had a greater awareness of my physical wellbeing.  It was as if I had done something important – something that was very worthwhile.”  (Helen)

“I highly recommend Annette’s class. I did yoga with Annette for two years in Townsville while working in a very stressful job. Very helpful during this time.” (A student in Townsville)