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Good etiquette helps make classes enjoyable and beneficial for all participants. Please respect the experience for yourself and others by following these etiquette guidelines.

Follow COVID-19 protocols.

Aim to avoid eating for two hours prior to a class, as it is best to do yoga on an empty stomach.

Wear loose comfortable clothes that are suitable for exercising; no special clothes are required; shoes are not worn for yoga.

Bring your own mat to classes; having a mat encourages you to practice yoga at home.

Please arrive on time and organize your schedule so that you can stay for the duration of the class so you do not disturb others; if you have to leave a class early, please do so quietly and respectfully.

Kindly turn off mobile phones before the class commences.

Please maintain a quiet environment during the class; there is time to ask questions after classes.

Ensure that you keep well hydrated and drink plenty of water before and after a class; you may need to bring your water bottle to the class, especially during hot weather.

Avoid comparing yourself with others; extend the spirit of non-competition to yourself; respect the level of your ability; perform asanas with a relaxed effort and stop if there is any pain or unusual discomfort.

Please complete an enrolment form and pay for classes in advance.

Please keep Annette updated about any injuries or vulnerabilities you have, so she can suggest modifications of practices if required.

Have fun and enjoy the class!