A Yoga Aspirations Retreat provides a great opportunity for participants to deepen their yoga practice, bringing mind, body and nature together. A positive retreat experience is facilitated by having a tranquil location, an established routine for each day of the retreat (including formal sessions and free time for relaxation) and nutritious vegetarian food.

Fiji Retreat 2017

From 2 to 8 July 2017, a five day (six night) yoga retreat was held at the beautiful Papageno Resort, a 350-acre eco-resort on Kadavu island, Fiji. The retreat package included:

  • Six nights accommodation at Papageno Resort, Fiji
  • Five days of yoga held in a tranquil beach-side bure with ocean views:
    • a 90 minute early morning yoga class each day before breakfast
    • a 15 minute morning chanting session (optional) each day after breakfast
    • a two hour morning session each day, covering various yoga topics
    • a 30 minute Yoga Nidra relaxation session each day before lunch
    • a one hour meditation session each day in the early evening, with a fire ceremony (havan) on the final night
  • Freshly prepared healthy vegetarian meals (3 meals per day, tea, coffee, lemonade)
  • Unlimited use of ocean adventure equipment (snorkels, kayaks, stand up paddle boards)
  • Boat transfers between Kadavu airport and the resort

Other activities that participants engaged in included bushwalking and waterfall hikes, bird watching, snorkeling trips and massages.

Pagageno eco resort

Papageno sunset

Yoga bure

Participant Comments

"Annette’s retreats offer a mind, body and soul experience that brings joy, delight and insight. They are simply soul food." (Helen V.L.)

"Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to learn more about yoga – the theory and the practice. I loved the atmosphere which permeated the group and the easy and informative way each practice was demonstrated. Above all I felt safe in trying out new things, secure in the knowledge that Annette had prepared for me and my particular health issues. A truly inspiring teacher." (Mary P.)

"Annette is a knowledgeable yoga teacher, who makes the experience of a retreat fulfilling. I would definitely recommend doing a retreat with her." (Michelle S.)

"For me the yoga retreat was everything and more than I expected. Annette is a wonderful teacher, very real, very dedicated and as Gibran says of a good teacher ‘leads her pupils to the edge of their own wisdom’. At the end of the retreat I feel like I’ve been led to a good place and given the confidence to go further into my yoga practices with joy." (Gabrielle S.)

"I enjoyed every bit of the retreat. I discovered many new practices and I had a peaceful time to connect with myself, the nature and kind people. Beyond expectation experience. Thank you." (Eva J.)

"Thanks Annette for sharing your passion for a yogic lifestyle. I really appreciate your ‘no pressure’, ‘listen to your body’ approach." (Christopher T.)

"I might add a group trip to the local village, or an evening with the local people.... Otherwise I wouldn’t change anything, it has been perfect. Thank you very much." (Pavel J.)

"I have been to three of Annette’s yoga retreats. Each one has extended my yoga practice and been transformational. Annette cares for each of her students as individuals, taking the time to understand their needs and abilities and then carefully tailors the class so there is something that everyone can do. Annette goes beyond yoga as poses to deeply connect with yoga as a lifestyle of self-love, self-knowledge and reflection and caring for the body and mind." (Ariella V.L.)

"What a well organised retreat! Yoga to start the day and then philosophical sessions to get the mind turning as well. Plenty of personal time to assimilate what was learnt or of course partaking in other sports. Beautiful view and staff. Such generosity of spirit within the group. Present moment, precious moment." (Rae S.)

"During this Yoga Aspirations retreat I have found lots of inspirations for me. It’s changed me a lot from the beginning I started yoga and it has made me feel peaceful, lovely and more caring. Wish to have this Yoga Aspirations more in the future." (Acholy D.R.)

"Annette is a very caring and encouraging facilitator of yoga practices, drawing out the best of each participant in a safe and empowering way. The Yoga Aspirations Fiji Retreat left me feeling very rested, restored and energized. Thanks to Annette for all the preparation and effort she put into making it a wonderful experience." (Frank E.)

One morning session was devoted to drawing mandalas, and these were used in a meditation session later that day.

Fiji Retreat 2016

A ‘Joy in Living’ yoga retreat was held from 5 to 11 July 2016 at the beautiful Papageno Resort, a 350-acre eco-resort on Kadavu island, Fiji. The serene tropical location fostered both healthy activity and calm self-reflection. Each day commenced with a 90 minute asana and pranayama class before breakfast. An optional 15 minute chanting session preceded a two hour learning and practice session, which included exploring how the koshas, prana vayus, and gunas can help us understand and overcome obstacles to joyful living. One session focused on drawing yantras. The learning and practice session was followed each day by a Yoga Nidra deep relaxation before lunch. In the afternoons, participants took advantage of the opportunities for swimming, kayaking, beach and forest walks, or simply resting in a hammock. A one hour evening meditation preceded dinner.

A fun yoga session was organized for Papageno local staff, none of whom had tried yoga before.

papageno staff 3

Papageno staff 1

Papageno staff 2

One of the activities during the retreat was drawing a yantra and then later using it for a meditation practice.

Yantra 1

Yantra 2

Yantra 3

Bali Retreat 2014

A Yoga Aspirations Retreat was held at the Naya Retreat and Boutique Homestay in Ubud, Bali, from 28 September to 4 October 2014. The retreat included a 90 minute early morning yoga class each day before breakfast, an optional 15 minute morning chanting session each day after breakfast, a two hour morning session each day, covering various yoga topics, a 30 minute Yoga Nidra relaxation session each day before lunch, and a one hour meditation session each day in the early evening, with a fire ceremony (havan) on the final night.

Participant Comments

“Thank you for helping me to find the better version of myself that I have been searching for.” (Nicole L.)

“It [the retreat] has been everything I thought that it may be but it has been so much more. There have been so many positive experiences with each experience providing new inspiration and a better understanding of yoga. It has given me the inspiration to make yoga a bigger part of my everyday life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” (Jane H.)

“A big thank you for such an inspiring week. Also thank you for sharing your knowledge and experiences. I have been blessed also to be able to have this opportunity to attend the retreat.” (Jenny C.)

“Thank you very much for an inspiring, relaxing, peaceful and motivational retreat. It’s been wonderful to focus on what really matters. Your classes have helped keep me grounded. I really appreciate the time, patience and energy you put into your classes.” (Jarryd L.)

“The 2014 Bali Retreat was an important stage in my commitment to more regular yoga practice. I can’t overestimate the positive impact of having uninterrupted space and time, not just for yoga, but to consider the philosophy behind it, to meditate and to draw mandalas, which were my favourite parts of the retreat. Annette’s careful, thoughtful planning achieved a balanced schedule, and the environment complemented our activities: during daily practice we faced a large, beautiful bamboo plant, which was the subject on my mandala!” (Emma C.)

One of the morning sessions focused on drawing mandalas, and these were later used in a meditation session.

mandala 1

mandala 2

mandala 3

mandala 4

mandala 5

mandala 6

mandala 7

mandala 8

mandala 9